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Лейтенант Бокатуев
What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds. They have attracted a significant amount of attention from the market over the past 12 months. Cryptocurrencies are independent from central banks, and the risk of them infiltrating the traditional financial systems, exposing them to a possible bubble burst, is raising eyebrows at regulators.

Who we are.

Coinplace Limited was founded in early of 2018 by the team of experts in IT industry, blockchain developers and Tech engineers. The current members of our altcoins mining team come from different math and scientific disciplines. We believe that cryptocurrencies will change the financial world. We provide our clients with custom fit, Mining-As-A-Service capabilities that will make you successful in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Very few other mining operations can offer this level of quality and service in a protected data center space that utilizes the best in mining miner management technology. Whether you're looking for quality service, vast amounts of power or a cost-effective solution to hosting, you've come to the right place.

Reserve Your Mining Space Today

There's only one catch to the Coinplace LTD advantage: our facilities fill up fast. Contact us today to secure your space with the best cryptocurrency mining colocation services available. We’ve built an executive team that combines decades of successful IT, information security, and colocation experience.

Reliable Support System

Your equipment is always in good hands with us. We provide continuous monitoring and onsite support to ensure your mining operations consistently run at maximum capacity. And we’re not just talking about reactive support when you need help. We’re there to keep support calls to a minimum so you can focus on your ROI, not on whether you’re operating right now.

Cost-Competitive Solutions for High-Value Mining

We’ve strategically built our facilities in parts of the UK and other countries to capitalize on low-cost, sustainable power sources. By leveraging renewable energy in these locations, our colocation services deliver reliable power for maximum hardware performance at minimum cost per kilowatt. That means you pay less to mine more.

Simple, Fixed Pricing that's All-Inclusive

We’ve taken the mystery out of your monthly mining costs. With our simple, fixed pricing, you always know what you’re going to spend so you can always operate at your full capacity. We make colocation as simple as possible with all-inclusive pricing that covers your power, space, internet access, physical racks, cooling, security, and more.